How can I access the Team Room page?
To access the Team Room page you need a password, the password can be obtained by playing at ANY of our Milsim/Battlesim events. 

What is the Team Room?
The Team Room gives users access to event information before we announce them to the general public. You can pre-book tickets for our events so you can book tickets before anyone else. It also gives you access to limited edition merchandise, patches and more.

What is DME?
Defiant Milsim Events are a South East based event organisation that specialise in military simulation scenarios. We aim to provide highly immersive events at local airsoft fields. Ranging from short patrol / combat orienteering & 24-48hr Milsim Ops. 

Who owns DME?
DME is run by two airsofters from the UK. 

How can I contact you?
If you wish to contact us, please use the contact page above. Please ensure you enter a valid subject header. 

What should I bring to a Milsim event?
All players attending our event will receive a briefing pack 2-3 weeks prior to the event, which will include a kit list.*

*any players that arrive without sufficient kit may be asked to leave the site for their own safety, especially in cold/wet weather.